Creating an interview plan

  Interviews are a helpful way to gather information about potential employees. When done properly, they can yield information which would be unavailable through methods such as assessments or resumes. However, running interviews without first creating a plan can allow a variety of potential issues to arise. One of the biggest criticisms of interviews is that they do not follow a plan, and … [Read more...]

What is Adverse Impact and why you should care.

  What is Adverse Impact and why as an HR person you should care. Adverse impact relevant to any hiring plan, as it can appear without warning or intent. Beyond simply the intent to discriminant against a particular class (gender, ethnicity, etc.), adverse impact occurs when a measure used for decision-making (be it an assessment or performance appraisal) produces biased results. Adverse … [Read more...]

What is test reliability and why does it matter?

  Definition of reliability                 Reliability is the relationship between a person’s true score/ability and the observed score and is a key component in test development. Now one might thing that these will be perfectly correlated. However it is not going to be the case think back to a time when you were taking a test and you knew the material well but the score you achieved was … [Read more...]

How to Set and achieve goals for employees and organizations in the new year!

Setting Professional Goals for the New Year It is a new year, and this means that many people will be resolving to make improvements in their lives and work. It may seem cliché, but there is a reason why we are so drawn toward self-improvement. Times such as the New Year and birthdays serve as milestones, making individuals reflective about what is working and what needs to be improved. … [Read more...]

How to effectively use performance feedback to fully develop employees

How to use performance feedback to develop employees As we have seen in our series on performance management (PM) systems, they can bring many benefits to the organization if properly implemented. So far we have focused on creating an effective new system, different types of PM, legal defensibility, and training raters. One excellent application of PM systems is that they can be used to develop … [Read more...]

How and Why You Should Train Your Managers to Rate Employees

How and Why You Should Train Your Managers to Rate Employees It seems so simple. Managers see their employees work eight hours a day, five days a week. They talk with their employees, review their work, and manage projects. They should be able to give honest, accurate performance reviews, right that cover performance and strategic talent alignment? The answer is sadly- probably not. There are a … [Read more...]

3 effective ways to approach performance appraisals and when to use them.

Different approaches to performance appraisals One of the important considerations in creating your organization’s performance management (PM) system is the approach used to measure performance. According to organizational researcher Herman Aguinis (2009), there are three types of criteria: behaviors, results, and traits. The behavior approach to performance management focuses on specific … [Read more...]

How to create a legally defensible performance management system.

How Legally Defensible is Your Appraisal Management System?One of the issues that must be considered when evaluating a performance management (PM) system is how well it would stand up in court. Not surprisingly, legally defensible PM criteria is in line with the criteria for good performance management systems. According to Aguinis (2007), good performance standards are related to the position, … [Read more...]

6 steps for setting up a performance management system.

Setting up a performance management system Thinking of setting up a new performance management system (PM) in your organization? You could be setting up a pathway for bringing your organization to the next level and aligning all of your talent. Effective performance management systems can serve many purposes: they can help a company make administrative decisions about employees, provide a … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Performance Management

Performance Management: Not Just an Annual Review Performance appraisals (PA) get a bad rap in organizations. Seen as the dreaded yearly review, they are often treated with scorn or derision by employees and management alike. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. When performance systems are implemented incorrectly, they can cause more harm than good. According to researchers Kluger and … [Read more...]