Culture Values Survey


Is this your employees reaction when talking about company culture and values?

Are you able to boil down your company’s culture to a few key concepts that can be shared with management, staff, customers, and prospects?

We’ve rolled out a new qualitative assessment to help companies uncover their culture and areas for change. For example, one company cultures assessment found Continuous Improvement, Process Focused and Team Oriented; another revealed Flexible, Customer Service Oriented and Social.

These are two very different companies. Social, flexible people may not be a good fit for the company focused on processes. What is YOUR company’s culture?

 Through this organizational culture quiz You’ll  learn: 

  • If management and staff vision of the culture are aligned
  • How intensely employees identify with the values
  • How  well leadership communicates its values
  • What your organizational values are and if any need to be changed.

The organizational climate assessment alerts you to your companies values and  is FREE, taken online and requires about 10 minutes to complete per person. It includes a free basic report.

To find out more and receive a free report  CLICK HERE!