Good Neighbor Survey

The Good Neighbor Survey™ is the first tenant selection test. It is able to predict important tenant behavior based on personality and personal history. It provides information essential for any landlord or property manager to make informed decisions prior to committing to a contract. The creation of the Good Neighbor Survey enables landlords to gain insight into how a potential tenant will treat the unit, interact with the landlord and other tenants, how long they will stay, and many more important attributes. Candidate information is provided in an intuitive, descriptive report. A sample report is available here.

Key benefits for landlords/property managers include:

  • Reduces the likelihood of bad tenants by giving you a better picture of who is applying
  • Predicts how easy an applicant will be to deal with
  • Reduces turnover
  • Predicts you how well the tenants will treat the unit
  • Predicts whether an applicant will be a good neighbor and help create a positive environment

Key benefits for renters include:

  • Reduces the likelihood of having bad neighbors
  • A non-stressful living situation
  • Living in a building which is in good condition

The tenant selection test takes only ten minutes to complete and is administered online. The test is automatically scored after completion and results are available on your personal account page for review immediately. Invitations may be sent to applicants from your account page, with no need to coordinate with Tetrics ahead of time.


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