Organizational Assessments


Employee surveys- These often are aimed at seeing what the employee’s perceptions off the organization are. They include but are not limited to, satisfaction, happiness, faith in management. These are fantastic indicators of overall employee perceptions of the organization.

Customer surveys- Provide invaluable feedback of how your customers see your business. These are not just how satisfied they are with the product but how likely they are to come back, refer you to someone, and what they feel you are doing well and what could be improved.

Organizational climate- Just like the climate changes so can your organizational climate. By measuring organizational climate you can identify key areas that are linked to important organizational outcomes such as performance, turnover, and job satisfaction to name a few. By setting a baseline and measuring consistently you can get an accurate pulse of your organization.

Organizational culture surveys- Provides insight into what values represents your organization. These measure what makes your company unique. In addition these are designed to help ensure that your management and staff have the same values and if not helps you learn where there is misalignment.

Team assessments- These provide detailed information as to how your team is performing and interacting. These can be developed to help you pinpoint what makes your teams great and what areas they need to improve to be that A team you know they can be.

Organizational assessments- Are a great way to see how your organization is doing, and see what areas if any that need to be developed to ensure you keep that market edge and further refine what makes your company unique. Organizational assessments are great at finding potential problems before they start and identifying an Alignment Plan to get your company charging in one direction.

Employee engagement- Measures to what degree your employees are engaged with and enjoying their work. This is measured by two methods; one is through psychological engagement and second through behavioral engagement. Understanding and enhancing these two areas will lead to understanding turnover, absenteeism, disgruntled employee.


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