We offer a full range of services to meet your specific needs. All of our services are performed in-house, in order to offer you the lowest price possible. By specializing and not overextending ourselves, we are able to stay ahead of the competition. This, of course, means you receive the best services available. Tetrics is your one stop selection shop; listed below are descriptions for some of the more common services we offer.

Performance Management

Performance management is the best way to keep track of employee performance over a given time. It gives you the information to make important decisions regarding hiring, firing, and promoting.

Test Development

Our capable team of test developers has years of experience creating tests. Let our team of psychometricians save you time and money by stream lining your tests and surveys. Through psychometrics our team will be able to reduce total test length and time required to take to the test and surveys. Further we will be able to strengthen your tests and surveys by enabling you to use only the best the questions for and leave out the ones that are unnecessary. This will not only help you be able to achieve your goals with confidence but will save your company time.

Creating a test is easy. Creating a good test that will yield the results that you are looking for is not. In reality anyone can build a test, what sets us apart is our knowledge and expertise in both test development and legal issues. Before we even start development on a test we sit down with you and discuss what the goal of the test is going to be. After this done we conduct a analysis of the content to be examined. Following this we start writing items for the exam, typically more items are written than are needed in order to allow for the most flexibility. The items then go through a review process by us and yourself to make sure the items are acceptable. Then depending on the test is being used for we pilot the items in order to pick out the best items for the live exam. The test form is created using these items, along with a standardized scoring metric and score reports designed to be meaningful for you. After the live test we compare the pilot to the live and make adjustments to the test form, thereby creating a finished product for your company.

Statistical Consulting

In order to make informed decisions based on data, the art of statistical analysis must be applied. We can work with you to plan, execute, and interpret a battery of analyses to help understand your data, including descriptive and correlation analyses, regression/driver analysis, test validation, differential validity, and more. The results of these analyses can then be presented in an easy-to-interpret report, customized to your needs.

Adverse Impact Analysis

Adverse impact, also known as disparate impact, is when a group protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is disproportionately selected through a hiring process. Groups protected by Title VII include race, gender, religion, and national origin; discrepancies in hiring rates for these groups can leave an organization liable for discrimination. While this can happen due to circumstances outside your control, many selection procedures are subtly, unintentionally biased, resulting in adverse impact when you least expect it. This is where Tetrics comes in to help you out — we can statistically examine your selection procedures and determine whether or not you have anything to worry about, as well as the best course of action if you do. If you would like more detailed information on how this is done, please don’t hesitate to contact us.