Employee Selection

Personality based employment screening helps businesses select employees with the best fit for your workplace. The Tetrics personality pre-employment screening measures key individual and organizational outcomes, including but not limited to employee turnover, time management, responsibility, motivation, and positive attitudes. Candidate information is provided in an intuitive, descriptive report; a sample is available for viewing here.

Key benefits to employers include:

  • Increased performance
  • Reduced turnover
  • Better organizational atmosphere
  • Legal defensibility if you decide not to hire
  • Administered online
  • Provides rich information about applicants

Tetrics offer standard and customized pre-employment screening tests. Tests are available online and in paper and pencil form. The online versions are automatically scored after completion and results are available on your personal account page for review immediately. Invitations may be sent to applicants from your account page, with no need to coordinate with Tetrics ahead of time. Links can be added to your website allowing you to screen applicants before an interview, and not waste time or money on bad applicants.


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